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As a result when you combine the increase of exposure coupled with high targeted customers, you will greatly increase your revenue because you are driving people who are looking for what you have to offer.

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Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue by generating more clients in your business. Increasing your online presence will get more clients through your doors.


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The Los Angeles based SEO Experts

If you’re in need of a Los Angeles seo expert then you have come the right place to to help you rank your website on the first page of Google and bring you more highly targeted customers to your website. As a result you can expect to see an increase in revenue and really put you in a place where you can generate a heavy online presence. LA is the second largest city in the country and being able to get a piece of the online real estate will put your business in a position to never have to worry about getting more clients.

If you’re looking for a Los Angeles SEO expert to bring you the results you want then look no further. We can help you rank on the first page and once you do you will see why there is no other place to go for seo in Los Angeles, period. Most SEO Agencies in use low quality links to try to rank your site. Some have very appealing flat rate packages that can be very intriguing. The problem with that is each business is different and has different needs, and different levels of competition when it comes to seo. A doggie day care is going to be much easier and far less competitive to rank for then a defense attorney, or a plastic surgeon. It’s just that simple.

Why working with a Los Angeles seo expert Is Beneficial

The Power Of SEO

It won’t be far-fetched to compare a good SEO strategy with the likes of a diamond mine or an oil field, because the highest commodity for any business is people. Without consumers there is no money to be made. Now, consider the fact that more and more people are doing their shopping online. Having access to a product from the comfort of a home or office, even when its thousands of miles away, is a convenience that speaks directly to the future of most businesses. In other words, it all comes down to “traffic”, the most valuable commodity on the internet. The business with the most traffic will automatically gain the upper hand in terms of sales and success.

How SEO Influences a Business
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The whole point of the exercise is to rank as high on search engine results as possible, because this is the place where a business will get the most exposure. Although there might be individuals who would love to argue against this exercise, the facts speak for themselves. Recent studies have shown that 93% of online searches start with a search engine. Google is currently the leader in this area and it owns no less than 60% of the market. But this is definitely not the only statistic with incredible value.

Some other interesting elements a business owner should consider are that 70% of clicks come from organic traffic. Just to avoid any confusion, organic traffic is a reference to individuals who make use of search engines, seeing as they are looking for something specific. Business owners will also be interested to know that search engines beat social media driven traffic by up to 300%. However, the most important statistic is that 75% of users won’t go past the first page of a search result.

With all these elements in mind there is no question or doubt that a business with an optimized site will enjoy an abundant amount of traffic. This will naturally lead to more sales and greater success. Even if a competing business with better prices can be found on the second, third or fourth page, it won’t make much of a difference, given that they didn’t show up first.

This really puts things into perspective, seeing as search engines focus on the relevancy of the site. It also means that the smallest business is capable of giving big corporations a run for their money, because size doesn’t matter on the internet. For search engines it’s all about creating a quick and comfortable experience for the user. The only question that remains is which company will capitalize on the situation?

The Bottom Line

A good SEO strategy will entail constant changes and adaptations, because the internet is not a static environment. As search engines redefine the algorithms on which their systems are based, the need to stay updated will always be there. However, it will also produce more than just a few new customers. For many businesses a good strategy will mean the difference between keeping their doors open and becoming leaders in their respective markets. This is why everyone with a good idea turns to the internet first. The sheer velocity of attention cannot be compared to anything else.

With the power of an seo consultant behind a business the sky is the limit. In fact, there is no place to go but up. Just imagine what it could mean to hundreds of people who are looking for your services just by making this kind of investment. The best part is that the audience will be targeted, meaning that conversions will go through the roof and the growth will be more than just substantial. It will be the key to reaching the ultimate level of success. At JW Marketing Solutions this is our goal for you. Fill out our Discovery Form for a video analysis.